PeopleSoft Goes Modern With Fluid UI

Published by Macy Sears on September 1, 2020

The New User Interface

The PeopleSoft Fluid UI made its release to the public through PeopleTools 8.54. Its development enhanced the ability to operate PeopleSoft applications on mobile and smart devices. It introduces automatic screen size scaling, as well as adjustments between portrait and landscape mode. The feature caters to the growing demand and popularity of smart devices, such as tablets and cellular phones. 

Although the classic application is accessible on such devices, it was not optimized for efficiency. The UI for the classic application is pixel perfect, meaning its appearance mirrors what is built within the page designer. The application was unable to expand or contract its display, therefore limiting the information visible to the user. For the Fluid UI, the contents of pages may change and automatically scale accordingly to the device. Its rollout significantly improves mobile use and is another indication of continuous PeopleSoft development.

The PeopleTools enhancement allows you to customize components and pages, creating a fluid display. PeopleSoft Fluid enabled applications will appear and scale depending on its device. Its appearance is based on a single page layout definition, meaning you create a single page definition using the flexible fluid design approach.

The PeopleSoft roadmap outlines for additional advancements in the PeopleSoft Fluid UI

The Transition To Fluid UI

The implementation of Fluid comes along with some significant considerations. While its expansion is evergoing, not all applications are currently available for fluid deployment. You’ll find that currently the applications best for fluid will be centralized, Employee or Manager self-service applications. 

With the transition, it’s also important to understand that transferring all classic functionalities may not be sufficient for optimal mobile performance. The design options of pages can vary from simple adjustments to follow the fluid approach to a full custom build. The development of fluid applications mirrors similar protocols necessary for the classic application build. 

Custom-built fluid pages require knowledge of the following topics:

  • CSS 3 
  • HTML 5 
  • JavaScript 
  • PeopleCode
PeopleSoft Fluid UI Navigator

Fluid Features

The release of PeopleTools 8.54 introduced the public to the functionality of Fluid UI. It significantly enhances the mobile usability of PeopleSoft.  

Notable Fluid Features: 

  • Customizable Homepage – The Fluid PeopleSoft Homepage brings together information relevant to a user’s specific role. Customizable, separate homepages are available to users involved in multiple roles or various projects. This feature helps to simplify and optimize the overall use to best suit each individual.

  • Mobile Tiles – Tiles are displayed throughout the Homepage, acting as an application widget. The tiles serve a greater purpose than only navigation and display information relevant to the PeopleSoft components. This feature is comparable to a Pagelet found within the classic application. Tiles can be added and organized for display across the user’s Homepage.
  • PeopleSoft Navigation – A huge advancement of the Fluid UI is the mobile search bar, allowing for navigation across all PeopleSoft applications. The feature highlights recent searches, user favorites, and the navigator tile.

  • Notifications – Push notifications can be enabled across all PeopleSoft applications in your environment. Within the notification window, you can view and act upon the items, such as required manager approvals.
Customize PeopleSoft Fluid UI Homepage
Adding a Personalized PeopleSoft Fluid UI Tile

Benefits Of PeopleSoft Fluid

Fluid UI has several customizable functionalities to tailor directly to its end-user. It is beneficial for both Self-Service Employees and Managers.  

Within the Employee Self-Service Homepage, the user has the ability to update and manage individual personal information. The user can also submit time entries, expenses, manage personal benefits, and more.  

The Manager Homepage provides access to key management functions such as approvals, absence management, and reviewing team performance.

The push for these functionalities to be compatible across mobile and smart devices can serve as a significant time-saver across the enterprise. It allows for quick submissions, management approvals, or real-time access to important information. 

The future for Fluid is greatly expanding, and we have high expectations for its prospective development. We can assume additional enhancements and applications to become increasingly available with the time to come.

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PeopleSoft Employee Fluid Dashboard

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