Simplify PeopleSoft
Security & Auditing

Sentinel centralizes user management, auditing and reporting for PeopleSoft environments.

One account list for all PeopleSoft applications

Create, Clone and Lock PeopleSoft User Profiles for all environments.

Centrally Manage PeopleSoft Security

View and Manage Users, Roles and Permission Lists for all PeopleSoft environments from one place.
Without Sentinel
With Sentinel

Ready-built PeopleSoft Audit Reports

Best practice audit controls for Segregation of Duties, Privileged Access and Sensitive Data.
Segregation of Duties
Privileged Access
Sensitive Data
Users Reviewed
Security Automation

Automated Role provisioning

Automatically provision and de-Provision PeopleSoft roles for employee job changes.
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Access Requests

Simplified access requests

Eliminate email and pdf's. Easily Submit, Approve and Provision security requests.
Review User Access View a user's PeopleSoft access and request role changes
Review Optional
Verify Requested Roles A reviewer to verify or help select security roles
Smart Routing Automatically route requests to supervisors or org structure
Fast Provisioning Approved changes can be automatically applied to PeopleSoft
Data Protection

Protect personal and financial data

Scramble personal and financial information in your development databases.
Scramble Data
Scramble PII, PCI data in non-prod databases.
Manage multiple databases simultaneously.
Set custom schedules, tables and fields.

Searchable History of security updates

PeopleSoft security updates to Users, Roles and Permission Lists are logged in detail.

Analyze, Monitor, Audit User Access

Security and Audit Reports to easily analyze user security and complete audit reviews.
Correction Access
Identify users with correction access to any page.
Compare Users
Compare PeopleSoft roles between users.
Query Analysis
Identify users with access to any query, table or field.
Page Analysis
Select any page to see users with access.
Sentinel Simplifies PeopleSoft