PeopleSoft Security Simplified

Menu Based Security Administration and Reporting

Role Access

See which Roles that grant access to the Menu, then click on a Role to see the Menus associated with the Role.


Sensitive Data

Pages that contain sensitive data are identified directly on menus.


Menu Administration

Menu Based Security Administration

Data Syncing

Manual and automatic syncing of Security between environments.

User Profiles

Centralized administration of User Profiles across multiple environments.

Sensitive Data

Pages with Sensitive Data are indentified directly on the menu.

Data Masking

Data Masking by fields and tables.


Automatically identify Customizations and new objects.

Audit History

Audit History of all user profile changes, with rollback ability.

PeopleTools Updates

Automatic mapping and upgrade of security across PeopleTools versions.


Ability to Restore Security to the most current state in the even of data loss.


Automatic cleanup of Sysaudit exceptions.

Lock Accounts

Simultaneously Lock Accounts across multiple environments.

Change Management

Track and automate rule-based approvals.

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