2023 PeopleSoft Roadmap

Published by Macy Sears on January 6, 2023

2023 PeopleSoft Roadmap: A Look Ahead

A new year means new features and enhancements for the PeopleSoft product line.

Looking ahead at the 2023 PeopleSoft Roadmap, customers can be excited as Oracle’s commitment to continuous innovation remains strong. Sentinel can also help support your PeopleSoft environments with production-ready tools for security administration and auditing.

Now, let’s explore what’s in store for 2023.

New Image Delivery Schedule

Beginning this year, Oracle will follow a new delivery schedule of 3 PeopleSoft Images per year, as opposed to 4. This change applies to PeopleSoft FSCM, HCM, and Campus Solutions applications. It will not impact the delivery schedules for PeopleSoft ELM, PeopleSoft CRM HR Help Desk, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, and PeopleTools in 2023. 

Oracle’s decision to adopt a reduced delivery schedule was based on consumer feedback. Many PeopleSoft customers found it difficult to keep up due to the short time between each release. Now with one less PeopleSoft Image, customers will have more time to review, evaluate, and test the newly delivered features.

PeopleSoft Release Patches (PRPs) will continue to be delivered for critical updates between the scheduled PI releases. Customers can leverage the PUM Automated Update (PAU) feature to download and apply patches to the PeopleSoft Image automatically. In addition, customers can also utilize Sentinel’s compare analysis tool to instantly compare environments, users, or security objects and identify differences.

2023 PeopleSoft Roadmap New Image Delivery Schedule

PeopleTools 8.60

Although PeopleTools 8.60 made its debut last year, we anticipate the recent release to remain prevalent in the 2023 PeopleSoft Roadmap.  

PeopleTools 8.60 is officially available for on-premise installation with the PeopleTools 8.60.02 patch release. Now, both OCI and on-premises PeopleSoft customers can enjoy significant enhancements to the user experience in 2023, including

  • Redwood Color Scheme
  • A New Banner Layout
  • Notification Actions 
  • Quick Access Bar & Global Search Capabilities 
  • Configurable Search

The new 8.60 toolset also includes enhancements related to the development of PeopleSoft applications, such as Application Engine, Application Designer, Data Distribution Framework, PeopleCode, and much more.

Sentinel makes leveraging new PeopleSoft features simple with modern security and auditing tools.

2023 PeopleSoft Roadmap New PeopleTools 8.60 Redwood Color Scheme

Cloud Manager

As Oracle continues to invest and support application initiatives, Cloud Manager remains at the top of the list for PeopleSoft in 2023. 

The benefits of running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or OCI are endless. From increased agility and speed to lower operational costs, customers will continue to reap the benefits of migrating and managing their PeopleSoft applications on OCI in the upcoming year. 

Additionally, Cloud Manager automates maintenance tasks to make keeping PeopleSoft applications up to date easy. It is free to use with an Oracle Cloud subscription and Oracle delivers Cloud Manager with new features and enhancements roughly every 8-12 months. 

The latest PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 14 highlighted autoscaling, configuring domain names, cloning, and improved security for Oracle Support downloads. Future enhancements are expected to build upon these features and continue to deliver value in the 2023 PeopleSoft roadmap.

Considering making the switch?
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Transitioning PeopleSoft to OCI

Reconnect Blueprint 4D

PeopleSoft customers can discover the latest strategic updates, view live product demos, and connect with others at the RECONNECT BLUEPRINT 4D conference this May in Dallas, TX.

The live, in-person conference will span over four days and feature conversations around pertinent 2023 PeopleSoft Roadmap topics, such as Kibana, OCI, Fluid, Chatbots, and more. To learn about this upcoming event and register to attend, please visit the Quest Oracle Community page.

As we kick off another year, the PeopleSoft community can anticipate continuous development and enhanced functionality that allows end users to operate PeopleSoft applications more efficiently. To see how Sentinel can support your PeopleSoft environments with production-ready security administration and auditing tools, contact us today. 

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