4 Benefits Of The New PeopleSoft Image Delivery Schedule

Published by Macy Sears on January 24, 2023

The New PeopleSoft Image Delivery Schedule

Oracle has taken customer feedback into consideration and adopted a New PeopleSoft Image Delivery Schedule for 2023!  Starting this year, PeopleSoft FSCM, HCM, and Campus Solutions applications will have three Image releases instead of four. 

This is great news for PeopleSoft customers who found it hard to keep up with the frequent updates. The change will also be a bonus for Oracle’s development team, making the new PeopleSoft Image Delivery Schedule an all-around win.  

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Here are four benefits that your organization can expect to gain from the New PeopleSoft Image Delivery Schedule.

2023 PeopleSoft Roadmap New PeopleSoft Image Delivery Schedule

1. Customer Satisfaction

A recent survey conducted by Oracle revealed that many of its customers found it difficult to keep up with the pace of four PeopleSoft Images per year. As a result, FSCM, HCM, and Campus Solutions applications will now consist of fewer Images spread over longer intervals, allowing customers extra time to assess and implement the newly delivered features. Not only does this show an admirable concern for customer success, but it also speaks positively to Oracle’s commitment to making efficient and user-friendly systems accessible.

2. Test More, Stress Less

The new PeopleSoft image delivery schedule will also provide increased time for testing. Customers can feel confident in choosing which features to adopt into their production environments, and the extra time gives them an opportunity to set up and test the changes properly.

3. Better Feature Innovation

The change provides Oracle’s development team with extra breathing room to focus on adding new features rather than packaging and releasing images. While we shall still expect to receive PeopleSoft Release Patches (PRPs) as needed, the overall reduced overhead should translate into more innovative features for PeopleSoft customers in the 2023 PeopleSoft Roadmap. 

4. Organizational Efficiency

Under the new delivery model, customers will also experience a reduced amount of setup time with the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). In turn, this promotes organizational efficiency and allows a better allocation of internal resources. 

You can find more about the New PeopleSoft Image Delivery Schedule, including release highlights, posted on My Oracle Support (MOS).  
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