The Future Of PeopleSoft For 2021: Our Review of PeopleSoft Now! Episode 11

Published by Macy Sears on January 7, 2021

"What Cloud Means To PeopleSoft Customers"

If you aren’t following along with Rebekah Jackson’s video series, ‘PeopleSoft Now!’, we strongly suggest tuning in. In her most recent episode, #11 – a two-part series, she’s interviewing leading experts and breaking down the future of PeopleSoft. So what can customers expect for PeopleSoft in 2021? Here’s our take. 

It comes as no surprise that the central focus of the episode revolves around Cloud Computing. When considering the future of PeopleSoft, it’s hard to ignore the technological evolution happening with the Cloud. So, what does that mean for PeopleSoft customers in 2021? For starters, it means recognizing the benefits of running PeopleSoft in the Cloud and embracing the change.

Do We Have A Choice In Deployment?

First up to interview in the episode is Paco Aubrejuan, the Senior Vice President for Oracle Applications. He addresses whether clients will continue to have a choice in their deployment methods for PeopleSoft. His short answer is yes, but he does note it’s crucial to recognize the value that Cloud technologies are providing. 

We couldn’t agree more that the organizational benefits of running ERP systems, such as PeopleSoft, within a Cloud environment are substantial. Not only does it lead to significant cost savings and increased performance, but customers are also provided with top-level technologies.  

Paco also references the ongoing debate and concern over the future of PeopleSoft developments. Speculations are on the rise if new developments will continue in the 2021 PeopleSoft roadmap. In this episode, Paco weighs in on some anticipated areas of focus. While the goal is to always provide choice, staying current with trending technologies will prove favorable

Cloud Integration

In the next portion of the episode, Rebekah speaks with Craig Mikus and Dave Bain to hear their views on Cloud Integration and the future of PeopleSoft with Oracle Cloud as we move into the new year. 

Craig Mikus leads a newly created Cloud engineering team, that primarily focuses on moving PeopleSoft customers to Oracle Cloud. He notes the team consists of a mix between Cloud architects and engineers. How fantastic is that? Oracle understands Cloud is inevitable and with that has created a team to ensure their PeopleSoft customers are supported in the transition. 

The video segways into a conversation with Dave Bain, the Senior Developer for PeopleTools Product Management. He notes the additional benefits of Oracle Cloud, specifically with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. If you are unfamiliar, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is designed exclusively for Oracle Cloud. It’s intended for optimizing the features of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Database. This includes:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Life Cycle Management – Automation
  • Migrate to Oracle Cloud – Lift and Shift
  • Self-Service Provisioning 
PeopleSoft On-Premise vs. Cloud costing savings with Oracle Cloud Savings to continue with the future of PeopleSoft

The Future Of PeopleSoft And Cloud Applications

Part two of episode 11 begins with an interview with Chris Leone, Senior Vice President for Applications Development. He speaks on the value of Oracle Cloud Applications, referencing the benefits of consistent updates. Traditional PeopleSoft updates were time-consuming and avoided within many organizations. Now, with Oracle Cloud, 4 updates are rolled out each year. Chris addresses this concept further within the episode and notes how it developed a PeopleSoft Cloud community promoting shared knowledge. 

Chris also addresses the fear of lost jobs with the adoption of Cloud technologies. When we consider the future of PeopleSoft, whether that is Cloud or on-premise, the need for functional roles and those who manage the internal networks are here to stay. Additionally, we recommend checking out our article on how Oracle Cloud debunks the top 5 Cloud Computing myths.

Continued PeopleSoft Cloud Manager developments and Cloud Computing advantages

Free Oracle Cloud Resources

The last to interview is Robbin Velayedam, where he shares valuable resources for Cloud Applications. We were thrilled to hear of his PeopleSoft and Cloud Application focused webinar series. Did you know this is a free resource available to anyone? You can find more information here and register for the upcoming 2021 sessions.

Robbin mentions other additional Oracle Cloud Application resources, including:

Episode 11 concludes with valuable input and tips from partners on how you can explore your Cloud options. 

We are looking forward to the future of PeopleSoft for 2021 and are embracing the Oracle Cloud evolution. Be sure to subscribe to Rebekah Jackson’s PeopleSoft Now! Youtube channel to stay in the know for all things PeopleSoft and the 2021 PeopleSoft Roadmap.

Outlined cloud advantages for the 2021 PeopleSoft Roadmap

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