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Published by Macy Sears on October 13, 2020

PeopleSoft Security Simplified

Sentinel Software’s architecture simplifies PeopleSoft security and provides solutions for the everyday challenges faced by users of PeopleSoft.

Functioning as a bolt-on application within PeopleSoft, Sentinel provides enhanced features and functionalities centering around Administration, Access Requests, Audits, and Migrations.

PeopleSoft Security Simplified for ease PeopleSoft security administration and manage user access.

Security Administration

Save time and accurately administer PeopleSoft Security. Visualize User security and save time with drill-down capabilities to efficiently view and manage Users, Roles, and Permission Lists within all of your PeopleSoft environments. 

Sentinel PeopleSoft   Advantage
Direct Menu Assignment

Ability to update the menus attached to a User, Role, or Permission List with their corresponding access level – Display, Update, Correction. 
Menu Drill-Down

Drill-down within menus to view pages. Indicators are present to display the Role providing its access. 
View Menus for Roles / Permission Lists

View menus and pages corresponding to any Role or Permission List.
Assign a Role to Multiple Users

Assign or update a Role for multiple Users simultaneously. 
Role Groups

Categorize a collection of roles to easily assign onto a User. 
Audit Control Indicators

Labeled notations indicating the presence of audit controls – Sensitive Data, Privileged Access, and Segregation of Duties. 
Audit History

A detailed historical record of all completed security updates and changes. 
Automate Security

Set up automatic role provisioning to correlate based on a specified job criteria change –  Position, Department, Business Unit.
Temporary Access

Set up automatic temporary access to Roles based on an outlined timeline and schedule. 
Mask Sensitive Data Access

Enable and control data masking capabilities for Sensitive Data directly from a User’s Profile. 
Sentinel is simplifying PeopleSoft security and user access

Sentinel User Hub

Save time and gain the benefit of centrally managing User access and administering security across all PeopleSoft environments from one centralized location within Sentinel Software.

Sentinel  PeopleSoft   Advantage
Single User Account List

View and update User access across all PeopleSoft environments from one consolidated list. 
One View to Update User Accounts

Gain the ability to clone, assign role groups, create, or disable User accounts across multiple environments from one central location.
User Login Sessions

View detailed information pertaining to User login activity – IP Address, Environment, Geolocation. 
View PeopleSoft Access

Directly view a User’s PeopleSoft access across all environments – PS Admin, App Designer, Data Mover. 
Access Request

Generate an access request ticket for multiple environments directly within a User’s account. 
Central PeopleSoft Security Administration for all environments

Access Requests

Sentinel Software bridges the communication gap and uncertainty between the PeopleSoft functional users and their security administrators for requesting access. Discover the simpler way of creating access request tickets and how easy administering security can become.

Sentinel  PeopleSoft   Advantage
Direct Menu Access

Gain the ability to see the corresponding menu access related to submitted access requests. Select and grant its corresponding access level –  Display, Update, Correction. 
Multiple Role Approvers

Select to notify and add a Reviewer or Backup Approver in conjunction with a request for access. This function is also available to be automatized based on default roles.
Role Groups

A categorized collection of Roles relating to a specific job that can quickly be requested or assigned for User access. 
Clone a User’s Roles and Profile Permissions

Front-end users can quickly submit a request for access to mirror the Roles and Profile Permissions of a specified user.
Custom Forms

Create and attach customized forms related to an access request for a quick and centralized reference.
Automated Provisioning

Enable automatic role assigning within a designated environment for approved access requests to automatically apply within PeopleSoft.  
Automated Routing

Customize and enable autofill of approver information for access requests to route to their corresponding supervisor or organizational structure.  
View Audit Controls

Gain visibility to directly view impacted audit controls corresponding to a user’s request for access – Sensitive Data, Privileged Access, and Segregation of Duties. 
Sentinel's PeopleSoft access request submission form

User Audit Review

Sentinel enables Users to view real-time audit reports for Sensitive Data, Privileged Access, and Segregation of Duties and centralizes its review and remediation process online.

Sentinel  PeopleSoft   Advantage
Real-time Audit Reports

Eliminate the creation or distribution process pertaining to audit reviews. View all audit reports on-demand and in real-time with the click of a button.  
Review and Remediation

Complete the review and remediate process for all audit controls online and updated in real-time.  
Correction Access Audit

All users with granted correction access populate on a separate report, notating the corresponding page access and the ability to view, approve, or notate for remediation.  
Configurable Audit Controls

Sentinel comes complete with a set of best-practice default audit controls and the ability to customize additional controls.
Audit Filters

Utilize filters to customize and narrow down a report to correspond to a specified category – Job, Department, Supervisor.
Role Audit

Review, approve, or flag for remediation audit controls categorized by Roles.
Page Access Notifications

Enable Manager notification in correlation to granted access for a specific page.  
Update Notifications

Enable Manager notification in correlation for granted access for a specified User, Role, or Permission List. 
Review user's with correction access.

Security Reports

Ready-built reports provide customers with security analytics and comprehensive information, beneficial for audit compliance, and reducing operational risk. 

Sentinel  PeopleSoft   Advantage
Page Analysis

Fully view and drill-down within menus to display any page and its corresponding Users, Roles, and Permission Lists. 
Sensitive Data Indicator

View labeled notations indicating the presence of audit controls – Sensitive Data, Privileged Access, and Segregation of Duties. 
Compare Users

Select up to five Users to compare a complete list of their Roles. 
Correction Access

Filter by correction access for User Access, Role Access, or Permission List Access.
Query Analysis

View Users with access to any Query, Table, or Field. 
Ready-made PeopleSoft Audit Reports helpful for reviewing employee access during company restructuring

Update Manager

Engineered with compare functionalities; migrating Roles and Permission Lists into Target Environments has never been easier with the help of Sentinel Software.

Sentinel  PeopleSoft   Advantage
Missing Components List View a list of any missing components before initiating the sync from the Source to its Target Environment. 
Multi-Database Simultaneously perform the migration process across multiple databases from one centralized point. 
Benefits of PUM - PeopleSoft Update Manager.

Data Protection

Scramble and protect personal and financial information within development environments.

Sentinel  PeopleSoft   Advantage
Multi-Database Scrub PII/ PCI data in multiple development databases simultaneously.
Identify and Mask Sensitive Data Gain the ability to quickly identify and mask fields/tables containing sensitive data.
Audit History Audit logs track the history of all data scrubbing jobs.


PeopleSoft Data Masking

Learn More With Sentinel

Sentinel Software is designed with the enterprise in mind, allowing PeopleSoft users and security administrators to save time and streamline everyday tasks. Led by a team of industry experts, the software continuously evolves to provide its customers with cutting edge technology for overall operational efficiency. Sentinel has achieved Oracle validated integration for PeopleSoft and is a certified Oracle Partner. 

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PeopleSoft Security Simplified

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