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Sentinel is installed on your servers or at your data center.

Oracle Cloud
Sentinel is installed in a compartment within your OCI container.

Sentinel is installed in a dedicated client compartment (VM) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and uses a secure connection to your on-prem or hosted servers.
Access to the VM and and Sentinel is controlled by the client. Encryption and Back-ups are dependent on the clients policies.

Sentinel is hosted on Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure. Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. Each client has a dedicated compartment that is fully isolated from other tenants and Oracle’s staff. There is no application or data sharing.

View OCI Security Overview
We provide a 30-day opt out period. If you are not fully satisfied, you can discontinue service without penalty. Due to the Network and Data access points, a Master Service Agreement is required.
Installation takes approximately 3 hours and no external resources are needed. We work directly with your Network and System Administrators to install and configure the application. You will be able to use Sentinel the same day.