PICASO: PeopleSoft Intelligent Chat Assistant from Oracle

Published by Macy Sears on May 6, 2021

Oracle Introduces PICASO

If you haven’t heard the news, Oracle released an update to the PeopleSoft Chatbots and Digital Assistant, and it’s now called PICASO. Its official name is PeopleSoft Intelligent Chat Assistant from Oracle, but the nickname of PICASO has a nice ring to it. 

The use of AI bots within the PeopleSoft application isn’t anything new. In fact, many enterprises have had great success utilizing the original PeopleSoft Chatbots. However, the initial release had a time-consuming limitation. A separate chatbot was required for the different business functions. Therefore, if an employee inquired about a benefits question, they’d need to open the Benefits Assistant Chatbot. Additionally, if they had another question about vacation time, they’d need to open a separate Absence Assistant chatbot.  

To solve this problem, the Oracle team engineered a revolutionary, all-in-one digital assistant – PICASO.  A single Digital Assistant that seamlessly navigates between multiple skills in one unified conversation. PICASO enables one assistant for all of PeopleSoft. It is role-based, cluster-enabled, and performs the functionality of multiple skills within a single chatbot interface. 

Original PeopleSoft Chatbot Tile now PICASO

Digital Assistant Benefits

AI-driven conversational interfaces and the automation of processes have several benefits for Campus Solutions, HR, and Finance. Across the enterprise, the demand for self-service is at an all-time high. Implementing a Digital Assistant enables a user to simply click or type to complete a transaction, all on their own.  Additional benefits of chatbots also include:

  • Improved services and satisfaction. 
  • 24/7 support, extended “human” support, and reach.
  • Fewer calls to the help desk
  • Reduced costs for support and training. 
  • Skilled, high-price workers aren’t performing simple business-related tasks.
  • Multilingual

PICASO for Employees

PICASO is role-based and the skills of the bot will correspond according to the user’s role. It is available now as an Employee facing digital assistant. Plans are currently under development for additional assistants, such as PICASO for the Supplier/ Supplier Assistant. 

PICASO for Employees includes the following Out-of-the-Box Skills:  

These skills in combination make up the new Oracle Digital Assistant – or PICASO. The key aspect that allows the digital assistant to navigate between each skill is the concept of Intelligent routing. It enables a human-like conversation flow and natural dialog. Intelligent routing controls the flow, or “routes” the dialog to its necessary skill to perform the set function.


The concepts behind a skill are derived from four key elements:  

Intent – The functionality the user is wanting the bot to execute. 

Utterances – Training data for matching the intent with the skill.

Entities – Keyword extraction and variables that add relevance to the intent. 

Dialog Flow – Manages the conversational flow and response to user input.

PICASO delivered out-of-the-box, comes pre-built with information for a skill’s intent, utterances, entities, and dialog flow. You also have the option to add customizations for the bot to recognize additional information. The process of customizing a digital assistant or an individual skill is called Extend. 

By extending a skill you create a virtual copy in order to track what is changed. The icon of the skill will change to signify the copy. From there, you can add in additional utterances or entities to further train the skill. With PICASO, customizations are preserved and you won’t need to reapply after an update. Whenever a new version is released, the rebase function allows you to upgrade to the latest version, and then you can merge your customization to that skill. 

You can find PICASO available in the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) Skill Store. See Oracle’s help guide for more information on how to get started with PeopleSoft Chatbots.  

Stay tuned for more PeopleSoft updates and releases from Sentinel.

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