PeopleTools 8.59 Release Notes

Published by Macy Sears on July 8, 2021

Here's What's New:

On April 8, 2021, PeopleTools 8.59 was made generally available to PeopleSoft customers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle’s decision to first release the update to its cloud customers helps provide exposure to the many benefits of using OCI. It’s also a way to control availability for monitoring performance and potential bugs.  The PeopleSoft release is expected to become available on-premises later in July. 

The PeopleTools 8.59 release has a number of new features, including: 

User Interface

PeopleTools 8.59 aims to improve the daily use of the application, starting with the homepage. A complete redesign of the Fluid UI transforms the accessibility of the PeopleSoft application. The release features significant improvements to the navigation, making it easier for users to get to their desired PeopleSoft transactions. A quick-access bar, on the left-hand side, enables a one-click pathway to a user’s recent action items and favorites. If viewing the application on a mobile device (portrait), you’ll find the quick-access feature located at the bottom of the page.

A global search bar is also present at the center top header of the new homepage in PeopleTools 8.59. With global search, the search results will populate based on recently visited items, combined with user-based suggestions. The concept is similar to how you’d view a search bar in many other web applications 

With the 8.59 update, notifications are now displayed in PeopleSoft directly on the homepage. A panel dropdown bar is accessible on the right-hand side, showing actions and alerts for the user. The release also features improvements on the priority of what is shown. The display panel separates the actionable items from the alert notifications. Any unread notifications will show in bold.

Lifecycle Management

Customers gain the ability to automate PUM Image updates in PeopleTools 8.59. The release enables you to automatically download PRPs and apply those to the images. This feature ensures the images you have are always current.  In addition, the customization repository is now included within the PUM process and accessible through the update manager homepage. 

Another automation feature released in PeopleTools 8.59 is PUM automated merge. This provides the customer with an option to automate changes for PeopleCode, SQL, and XSLT in order to make them available within the PUM environment. The option to turn on this feature is available during setup.

Kibana Analytics

Another area of focus in the PeopleTools 8.59 release is analytics. Kibana continues to be a hot topic within the PeopleSoft community and was also heavily discussed during RECONNECT. In the previous 8.58 update, we saw enhancements with the Kibana dashboard to improve the way we view PeopleSoft analytics. Now with PeopleTools 8.59, Kibana leverages not only the capability to view PeopleSoft data but also external data as well. A new data source type, ‘External Data’, has been added into the search definition to enable the integration.  

Previously, Kibana analytics leveraged Elasticsearch index data. This method imposed limitations and ran the risk of users analyzing stale data. PeopleTools 8.59 now enables a near real-time update for Kibana analytics.  Once a transaction is saved, the information is sent over to Elasticsearch to provide a real-time update to the data for search and analytics.  

The PeopleTools 8.59 release also includes a variety of enhancements with Pivot Grid, specifically with Fluid mode. In the prior releases, filtered data could only be exported as an Excel file. However, now it can be exported as a PDF file. Additional Pivot Grid features, including the option for multiple filters, display values, and color changes to charts were also included in the update. 

PeopleTools 8.59 Resources and Support

The new PeopleTools 8.59 helps to ease the overall daily use of the PeopleSoft application. If your organization is considering an update to its PeopleSoft systems, contact Sentinel to see how our compare functionality can simplify the process.  For more information on the new PeopleTools release, check out Episode 12 of PeopleSoft Now! and David Bain’s PeopleSoft post.

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