PeopleSoft RECONNECT Envision – That’s a Wrap

Published by Macy Sears on May 3, 2021

Members of the PeopleSoft community tuned in virtually this past week to the 2021 PeopleSoft RECONNECT Envision Conference. Didn’t get the chance to attend? We’ve got you covered with a brief recap and how it featured Sentinel Software. 

Four packed days of PeopleSoft information began on Monday, April 26, 2021, and went on until Thursday, April 29, 2021. Several industry leaders held educational seminars addressing top PeopleSoft questions, updates, and more. The digital conference also included networking sessions and panel discussions. Roughly 20 vendors participated as RECONNECT Envision Exhibitors, including Sentinel Software.

PeopleSoft RECONNECT Day 1

Day one kicked off with Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of PeopleSoft Application Development. He addressed the most common PeopleSoft inquiry around the future of PeopleSoft, and if the application is “going away”. The matter at hand seems to be one Oracle continuously addresses. As Paco conveyed, the Oracle team has no plans to forgo the PeopleSoft application or its development anytime soon. He continued by announcing some of the latest PeopleSoft innovations and topic discussions outlined within the RECONNECT Envision conference, such as Kibana Real-Time Indexing, PICASO, and Cloud Manager.  

The opening day continued with David Bain, Director of Product Management.  He discussed the PeopleSoft PeopleTools Roadmap and dives deep into the new PeopleTools 8.59 features. The release offers a number of new functionalities that enhance the daily use of the PeopleSoft application. David also featured Sentinel Software within his discussion as an innovative tool for simplified PeopleSoft security management

PeopleSoft RECONNECT Day 2

The second day of RECONNECT started off with a series of networking lounge sessions for the attendees. Conversation topics ranged across all aspects of the enterprise, including Financial, Higher Ed, Public Sector, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Cloud Infrastructure, and more. The digital networking format was a fun way to interact and match with other attendees to discuss relevant industry topics. 

The Exhibitor Showcase also opened on day two, giving the attendees an opportunity to interact with the RECONNECT Envision vendors.  In the first showcase, Sentinel featured two short software demonstrations; “Who can see my data?”  and “Whose fault is it?”. Both sessions were interactive and provided an insight into the software solution. The remainder of day two offered informative sessions around Fluid, PeopleSoft on OCI, Kibana, and additional new PeopleSoft application capabilities. 

PeopleSoft RECONNECT Day 3

Day three began bright and early with the vendors in the Exhibitor Showcase, followed by attendee networking sessions. Oracle support leaders, Tom Lenz, Prasanth OV, Joyce Caulfield, and Ligia Chow, also conducted a live support discussion for ERP, HCM, and Tools & Technology questions.   

Leading into the afternoon, Sentinel hosted two more short demonstrations in the Exhibitor Showcase; “ Simplifying Audit Reviews” and “One View to Rule Them All”.  A full, 60-minute Sentinel demo also took place on day three, “Stop Taking Risks with User Security”, featuring the following modules:

The third day concluded with an informative presentation from Greg Kelly, Oracle’s Product Strategy Director for Security. The session, “Protect Against Insider Abuse”, featured talks with Sentinel Software. The hour-long discussion addressed how system compromises often stem from insider threats.  Greg highlights Sentinel as a solution for managing user access and protecting against internal system abuse.

PeopleSoft RECONNECT Day 4

On the fourth and final day of RECONNECT Envision, Rebekah Jackson, Vice President of PeopleSoft Product Management, hosted an interactive discussion on PeopleSoft’s investment strategy and product roadmap. It was a great opportunity for the attendees to share feedback on various developments, including Kibana Analytics, Fluid User Interface, and Lifecycle Management. 

Another interactive discussion, “Burning Questions for PeopleSoft”, took place in the afternoon and concluded the RECONNECT Envision sessions. Several Oracle leaders, Rebekah Jackson, David Bain, Char Jorgenson, Alex Man, Amira Morcos, Willie Suh, and Robbin Velayedam, took the stage, answering questions provided by the PeopleSoft community. The topics included future developments and roadmaps, insights on releases, and options for PeopleSoft in the cloud. It was an excellent ending to the enriching PeopleSoft virtual conference. 

Up Next…

Stay tuned with the Quest Oracle Community about upcoming information for the next PeopleSoft digital conference – RECONNECT Dive Deep. If you’d like to receive additional information on any of the Sentinel topics featured within the RECONNECT Envision conference, contact our team today! 

PeopleSoft RECONNECT Dive Deep is set to kick off October 4, 2021 – October 7, 2021.

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