PeopleSoft Chatbots: The Power Of Oracle Digital Assistant

Published by Macy Sears on January 23, 2021

Enhancing User Experience With AI Bots

Oracle’s support for emerging technologies continues once again with the integration of PeopleSoft chatbots. It comes with no surprise to see ERP systems gravitating towards the benefits of artificial intelligence, more specifically chatbots. 

A chatbot is a computer program that mimics human conversation through a combination of predefined scripts and machine-learning capabilities. If a chatbot cannot answer a question, it will route over to an actual person for further assistance. Through each interaction, the AI-driven interface assesses user input to expand its scope.

PeopleSoft chatbots are accessed from your homepage chatbot tile or by using the chatbot icon, located at the bottom right of the page. The AI bot carries a human-like conversation and the dialog simulates natural language.

Original PeopleSoft Chatbot Tile now PICASO


In order to utilize PeopleSoft Chatbots, you will need:

  • PeopleTools 8.57.07 or higher 
  • License for Oracle Digital Assitant (ODA) 
  • PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework – delivered in HCM Image 31, FSCM Image 33, Campus Solution Image 15, CRM Image 18, and ELM Image 20 or later.

Absence Assistant

The initial PeopleSoft chatbot, Absence Assistant, was released through HCM Image 31. Using the PeopleSoft absence data, the Absence Assistant chatbot performs various self-service functions and assists with absence related questions, such as: 

  • View Absences
  • Request Absence
  • Cancel Absence
  • Current Balances
  • Future Balances

Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA)

PeopleSoft chatbots are built and deployed using Oracle Digital Assistant. The cost of obtaining an Oracle Digital Assistant license is proposed as a fixed monthly price or by round-trip. The fixed price is calculated by the number of PeopleSoft chatbot users. A round-trip refers to the number of initiated bot requests followed by its response. Each price and metric varies, so it’s always recommended to speak with your Oracle Cloud Application or Technical Rep for more information. 

Oracle Digital Assistant allows you to create: 

  • Digital Assistants –  Also known as chatbots or AI-compiled experiences that mimic human-like conversations to fulfill various requests and answer questions.
  • Skills – Individualized bots for completing specified tasks.

Skills are available through the ODA Skill Store. They can be added to digital assistants or available to solely deploy within their own channel, such as messaging apps. Once a skill is uploaded into your ODA instance, you are able to copy, train, and test the skill to accommodate set requirements, including customizations. 

Although the Oracle Digital Assistant platform is a cloud-based application, PeopleSoft chatbots are supported for both on-premise and cloud-deployed PeopleSoft systems. 

PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework

The PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework provides the necessary tools for connecting PeopleSoft applications with ODA and allows PeopleSoft chatbots to work seamlessly across platforms. Delivered through PeopleTools and PUM Image updates, the framework enables the chatbot user interface, ODA security, and establishes a connection for building RESTful services.

Ways To Use PeopleSoft Chatbots

PeopleSoft digital assistants offer a conversational interface for accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. In addition to the Absence Assistant chatbot, other delivered PeopleSoft chatbots include:

  • Employee Directory Assistant Intended for retrieving employee profiles or contact information from the Company Directory. E.g: View managers, direct reports, phone number, job department, or email address.
  • Requisition Inquiry Skill (eProcurement) Search and view the current status of requisition items in the Request Lifespan. E.g: Open, approved, PO(s) created, PO(s) dispatched, or denied.
  • Expense Inquiry Bot Search and view the status of expense reports. E.g: Business travel expense reports. 

AI bots can provide assistance with many HR-related topics, including employee training and onboarding, recruitment, or even benefits enrollment.

A sample conversation and ways to use PeopleSoft chatbots

Benefits Of Using Chatbots in PeopleSoft

Using the chatbot technology in your PeopleSoft applications has several benefits. 

  • Indefinite support, 24/7 reach.
  • Cost reductions for support, training, and documentation.  
  • Automated help desk. 
  • A simple and intuitive user interface, accessible through multiple platforms.
  • Improved optimization by automating repetitive tasks.  

As PeopleSoft chatbots remain the topic of conversation amongst industry leaders, we anticipate continued development and support aligned in the 2021 PeopleSoft roadmap. Contact our team to learn more about how Sentinel supports innovative PeopleSoft enhancements. 

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