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Updating Users, Roles and Permission Lists

Updates can be made by the traditional method of adding or removing Roles and Permission Lists as done in PeopleSoft or by Direct Access.

*Radio buttons that are Gray, represent access that can only be changed by updating the associated Role or Permission List.

1. Select User, Role or Permission List and click the Menu View tab.

2. The Menu View tab displays the navigation menus that the User, Role or Permission List have access to in PeopleSoft.

3. Search by Name or Description and select the item you want to update.

4. Click on the Actions menu and select Edit, Clone or New.

6. Display, Update and Correction access to menus is represented by icons. As Roles or Permission Lists are removed, the radio buttons on the nav menu will update to reflect the overall access.

7. Click Save or Cancel. Navigating away from the page will lose any updates made.