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Syncing Security to Another Environment

Since Role and Permission Lists are shared by multiple users, the functions have been intentionally separated to reduce the chance of accidentally overwriting existing values in the target environment.

Permission Lists Sync - New Permission List is created in target environment. Existing Permission lists are updated.

Role Sync - New Role is created in target environment. Existing Roles are updated. Permission Lists assigned to the Role are Created or Updated.

User Sync - If no Profile is selected for Cloning, User Profile is created in target environment with Default User (Admin/Settings/Default Profiles) Roles and Permission Lists (General Tab).

Copy Roles - Roles assigned to a user in the source environment, can be assigned to the user in the target environment, only if the Roles and User exist in the target environment.

*User and Roles must first be synced to the target environment to use the Copy Roles function.

1. Select the User, Role or Permission List that you want to Sync.

2. On the Actions menu, click Sync.


3. Select the target environments.

4. A warning will be displayed, if objects are missing in the target environment. The Sync function can still be used, but only values that exist in the source and target environments will be assigned to the Role or Permission List.