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Sensitive Data Configuration

Sensitive Data refers to PII and PCI data e.g. SSN, DOB, Bank Account. These fields can be customized based on the data stored by your organization and are used for reporting and charting.

Menu Indicators - Pages that contain sensitive data fields are identified on the Menus with a Red dot. Clicking on the dot will display a list of the field or categories.

Charts - Users with access to sensitive data fields are tracked in the audit charts and the counts of users to each field are recorded daily. An increase or decrease in the number of users will be reflected on the charts. Charts appear on the Dashboard and Audit homepages.

Under the Admin menu, select the Sensitive Data Fields:

1. Select the PeopleSoft Pillar.

2. Add a new category or select an existing category. *Multiple fields can be assigned to the same category.

3. Search by Table, Table Field, Ctrl-J Page name, Page Label, Page Field.

4. Select the Pages and Fields that you’d like to monitor.

5. Save the selected pages. Refresh your browser for the Menu Indicators and Charts to be updated.