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Sensitive Data & Restricted Page Reports

The Sensitive Data Exposure and Restricted Paged report shows the Users, Roles and Permission lists that have access to PII and PCI data.

Sensitive Data Fields - The fields must first be configured by your Sentinel Administrator under the Admin menu, for them to be displayed in the charts. See the Configuration section of this manual for setup instructions.

Restricted Pages - Pages can be selected on the Restricted Pages tab under the Audit Control menu.

1. Select a data field in the Chart Label or Pie Chart to toggle the filter On and Off. The list of User’s, Roles and Permission Lists will automatically.

2. Click the User, Role or Permission List tab to see the items associated with the selected filter.

3. Newly affected Users, Roles and Permission Lists will be highlighted in Red.

*Sentinel identifies all objects that are affected by a change e.g. If a Permission List is changed, all affected Roles and and Users will be highlighted in the Red.