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Menu Functions & Information Indicators

The menu has indicators that provide information about the the underlying Roles and Permission Lists.

1. Information - click on the information icon displays the all underlying Roles or Permission Lists that are providing access to the menu. As you navigate to lower levels, the list will be filtered to only the relevant Roles or Permission Lists that provide access.

2. Audit Filter - the Audit Filter enables you to filter the menu for Restricted Pages and Sensitive Data fields that have been configured under the Admin and Audit Control.

3. Menu Search - allows to each for a Menus or Pages with a specific value in the name.

*Only labels with the search string are displayed, so once you’ve locate the desired menu, delete the search value to display the underlying pages.

4. Sensitive Data - click on the Red dots to display the Sensitive Data fields that are contained on the menu underlying pages.

*Sensitive Data fields must first be configured under the Admin menu.

5. Duplicate Pages - click on the Blue dots to list all the menus that a page is associated with. Granting access to a page under one menu will display the other menus to the user.

*Removing the duplicate navigation menus can only be done in PeopleSoft / Structure and Content.