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The Sentinel User Interface (UI) is a central point of access for Users, Environments, Configuration Settings and Security Activity.


1. Home - The Home page Login allows you to access all environments. You must return to Home to switch to another environment.

2. Users - This is a central view of User Profiles from all environments. You can Create, Clone or Deactivate User Profiles simultaneously across all environments..

3. Admin - The Admin menus is available to users with Sentinel Administrator accounts and contains the system configuration menus.

4. Sentinel Account Profile - The account popup allows you to change your Sentinel Username, Password and associated PeopleSoft User ID.

5. Charts - The Restricted Pages and Sensitive Data charts display the daily counts of users with access pages and data fields that been configured for your organization.

6. Environments - The Environment panel lists the available environments and their connection status to the respective PeopleSoft database.

*You must first select an environment to administer security for that environment.

5. Activity - The Activity feed shows the security updates from all environments. Clicking on the Action will open a window with details on the updates made.