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Creating a Change Request

1. Select the New Request menu.

2. Search for the Username and select the user you want to submit a request for.

3. Click on the Menu View tab and Create Request button to view the users existing PeopleSoft Access and Roles.

*Read the Security Menu Features under the Security Administration section for menu tips.


4. Click the checkbox to Add or Remove a Role. Blue = Existing, Green = New, Red - Removed.

*If you do not know what Roles to Add/Remove, you can describe the changes in Comments section of the next window.

5. Search for existing Roles by Rolename or Description.

6. The menus access will change as Roles are Added or Removed to reflect the users access in PeopleSoft.

7. Click on Create Request.


Enter the Approver, Backup Approver (optional) Date and Comment (optional), then click Create. You can use the Comment box to state the reason for the change, attach an external ticket # or describe the the menu changes required.


8. The Change Request details window allows you to see the updates being requested. Click on the respective tab to see the updates being requested.

9. Click on Submit to send the Approval request. An email will be sent to the designated Approver with a link to the request.