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Change Requests

The Change Request module is intended for Requesting and Approving security requests for users. It allows users to see the existing PeopleSoft menus and Roles that a user has access as well as the PeopleSoft Menus or Roles that are being requested.

Change Request tickets have a flexible routing but have the following workflow:

Requesters - Admin or Business user that creates and submits a ticket. A requester can change the Approver and Backup approvers in the event a user is not available.

Approvers - The Approver and Backup Approver can Edit, Deny or Approve the request. They can also change the approvers and re-route the ticket for additional approval.

Administrator - The administrator is the final review and can also Edit or Deny the request if needed. A ticket must be approved for the administrator can apply the change to PeopleSoft.

*Only Sentinel Administrators can apply changes to PeopleSoft.