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Administration Functions

This section focuses on security administration of Users, Roles and Permission Lists normally performed by a PeopleSoft Security Administrator.

1. Refresh Tables - Manually refreshes the security tables.

2. Search - Search by Name or Description.

3. Actions - Edit, Create, Clone or Sync objects between environments. (See Managing User Profiles)

4. Duplicate Emplid - Lists all the PeopleSoft User ID’s attached to an Emplid for. User Profiles only.

5. Account Lock - Click on the icon to Lock or Unlock the account. User Profiles only.

6. Admin Functions - Indicates the administrator functions that the user has access to in PeopleSoft.

7. Password - The password cannot be changed in Sentinel. When a user is created the password is

copied from the Default profile.


Menu View - Displays the navigation menus that a User, Role and Permission List have access to in PeopleSoft. Allows you to edit access by updating Roles and Permission Lists or by selecting menus directly on user interface.

Roles & Permissions - List the Roles or Permission lists are attached to the security object.

Components - View and Edit access by Menuname, Component, Pnlname (CTRL-J).

Objects - View and Edit access to Web Libraries, Web Services, Process Groups and Component Interfaces.

History - Lists all updates made to the User, Role or Permission List.

Audit - Indicates the Audit controls that apply to the security object.