Ready-made PeopleSoft Solutions,
that improve security and reduce workload.

Approval Workflow
Fully configurable workflow to automatically route access requests for approval.
Custom Forms
Add custom fields, drop down menus, and check boxes to request forms.
Fluid Security
Easily Identify and assign of Fluid components and pages.
Compare Analysis
Instantly compare environments, users or security objects to identify differences.
Job Based Security
Automatically provision and de-provision access based on Job.
Data Masking
Hide sensitive PII/PCI data like SSN or Banking information from unauthorized users.
Break Glass Access
Automatically grant/remove admin level access for specified periods.
Role Groups
Create static or dynamic groups of roles based on Jobs or system functions.
Role Approvers
Require manager approval before specified roles can be assigned.
Audit Controls
Audit controls for Segregation of Duties and Privileged Access.
Security Audit Log
A searchable audit log of security changes across all PeopleSoft environments.
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