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Why PeopleSoft HCM Is the best tool for Organizations

By Biv
July 9, 2019

When it comes to purchasing HR based software, there is a lot of options available in the market. With lots of options, it may become challenging for a company to take one as safety, price, and simple interface of the software matter. More importantly and quite confusing, there are various human resources (HR) software for several purposes, for example, HRMS, Workforce Management, Talent Management, Labour Monitoring, and much more.

Multiple software for various purposes - how advantageous is it?

HR solutions are essential as they have many specialties, but not all companies may be able to afford them. Even if they are able to purchase, it may be a painful task for an HR professional to run more than one software at a time and monitor them at all times. Also, by doing so, the expert may be unable to concentrate on foremost HR activities.

PeopleSoft HCM to the rescue

As compared to other software, Oracle's PeopleSoft HCM enables to work on various fronts; store HR data and improve business processes. It includes a set of human resources features that aids productivity improvement; enhance business performance and reduces the cost. PeopleSoft Human Capital Management enables to manage HR operations efficiently - be it recruitment; talent management; strategic business initiatives; forecasting; workforce, etc.

PeopleSoft Human Capital Management - Modules

1. PeopleSoft Global Core Human Capital Management (HCM): Enables to execute policies according to local regulations and rules of a country.

2. PeopleSoft Workforce Management: Time consuming method can be recognized and rectified with this module.

3. PeopleSoft Workforce Service Delivery: Online access to organization data can be provided to the employees as per employee's role; qualifications, and experience.

Advantages of PeopleSoft Human Capital Management

A few of the benefits of PeopleSoft Human Capital Management are as follows:

  • It Supports multi-national data formats, international languages, country-specific and multi-currency capabilities, rules-based engines; and standard data model.
  • Self-service transaction
  • Gives local extensions
  • Handle payroll of the whole workforce
  • Hire employees and increase their engagement in various project tasks
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • The manageable payroll processing framework
  • Editing data of the employee
  • Integrated processes
  • Dotted line reporting
  • Decrease data entry and diminish errors
  • Keeping a record of employee's growth
  • Provide supports for data-sharing capabilities
  • Streamline administrative tasks
  • Manage stock plans
  • Conventional hierarchical reporting
  • Execute best practices
  • Analyze workforce data
  • Define a benchmark for the employees
  • Track regular activities of the employees
  • Execute operations such as recruitment, organizational scheduling, career planning, and accounting.
  • Well, PeopleSoft HCM offers you the various capabilities to assist customers and enhance your organization's performance. For more information, Keep in touch with Sentinel Software.