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What Is The Difference Between Workday HCM And PeopleSoft HCM

By Biv
July 3, 2019

Human capital is a term which is utilized to identify the people in the organization. It is a valuable asset, which contribution means a lot in the enhancement of the organization, in the same way as physical assets such as money and machine. The human capital management (HCM) is a way of employee staffing that is utilized to recognize the people as assets .i.e. Human capital, whose current cost can be determined, and future value can be enhanced through investment.

HCM play a vital role in the company to automate and streamline the task progress, to make the specific report, to produce an accurate payroll procedure, to work collectively with the team, to control workflow and much more.

Nowadays, web-based HCM software solutions are commonly used in a large number of organizations. They are intended to increase the performance of the businesses work by keeping accuracy in the workflow. Also, it acts as a part of ERP, i.e., Enterprise Resource Planning to keep the records of the employee.

The Workday SAP SuccessFactors and PeopleSoft are the HCM software, which is utilized by the maximum of the organizations nowadays. PeopleSoft established in 1987, which is acquired by Oracle in 2003. In 2005, the cloud-based HR and financial system were launched.

Let’s examine how Workday HCM and PeopleSoft HCM different from each other.


Workday HCM provides sturdy functionality for the manager and employee self-service, including the mobile applications. It is more compatible with the company’s which has remote workers or workers who travel often. Also, Workday began the global payroll functionality.

On the other hand, PeopleSoft offers its services to multinationals companies globally. Its global payroll extensions would be useful for a company that has operations around the globe.

Deployment and updates

It is one of the most common differences between Workday HCM and PeopleSoft HCM. Workday is ordered with cloud deployment, which helps a user with the most recent version, as the functionality upgrades are done automatically. The best thing about Workday is that it has invested in a software partnership to enhance their native integration offering, which can secure their services to slack, Salesforce, and many other business tools.

PeopleSoft HCM also gives cloud deployment, but it has to be bought in an on-premise and private cloud implementation. Although PeopleSoft releases the update regularly, the users need to take the updates they want to run, and it doesn’t occur automatically. This selective model allows users to control and manage their updates.


Both companies Workday as well as PeopleSoft supply clients with online web portals where they can get solutions and prepare the documentation. A Workday is a software as a service product (SaaS), and it offers continuous support to its users, it automatically pushes out and solution to the customer twice a year.

PeopleSoft users depend on their IT departments to coordinate and implement patches. A few clients will profit from the automatic application of patches and fixes offered by Workday, especially if they don't have the team to do it. Who favor being more in control of application updates will prefer to handle it themselves in a PeopleSoft environment.

Wrapping it Up

Both HCM software's are the best in giving best-featured software to their clients. It relies on the business fundamentals and the vertical you want to acquire the software, to support you in choosing the best one.

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