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What are the reasons to upgrade to PeopleTools 8.57

By Biv
June 25, 2019

Now Oracle proceeds to invest in enhancing PeopleSoft as products and announce the release of the latest version of technology backbone of People-Soft- PeopleTools. Various impressive features will make it compelling for our clients to think about moving to People 8.57.

These days, a large number of PeopleSoft customers have migrated their PeopleSoft application to its latest version, and many more are still planning their move now.

Here are various reasons to get PeopleSoft updated version:

Cloud Manager

You can use the most advanced cloud manager and subscribe to the PeopleTools 8.57 channel. It will fully download the release, along with PeopleTools applications as they are made available. Utilize the one-clock PeopleTools upgrade rendered by Cloud Manager, which has significantly enhanced the level of automation to manage and maintain PeopleSoft environments on Oracle Cloud.

Deployment Packages

With the latest version of PeopleSoft, only Deployment packages can be employed to automatically setup the environment over complete tiers, set up a database connection.

Personalized analytics notifications

Now end users can configure and receive a notification when particular business events are triggered, i.e., they can use pivot grids and set a threshold limit for some business adventures. When the data hits these threshold limits or range, the user will get notified. Notification can be either in the email or through the home page.

Fluid Grid Enhancement

Now in PeopleSoft 8.57, you can download Fluid Grid data into Excel spreadsheets, search for the data in the grid, or save a personalized sort order. Do you have a grid with a large amount of information? Then it will make specific values easier to organize and find.


The latest update of PeopleSoft involves support for Elasticsearch version 6.1.2 and renders a new elastic search deployment package (DPK). Also, the search framework incorporates an index build metric to allow clients to use visualizations and data analysis in Kibana. Further, there are three delivered dashboards for Kibana in 8.57, such as indexing metrics, indexing summary, and system metrics. These dashboards are primarily for administrators.

Some enhancements that are involved in the new announcement:

  • More active restarts and improvements
  • Bootstrap validations on startup
  • New Ingest Attachment plugin
  • More limited disk storage space for used attachments
  • Enhanced search scalability


It lets to introduce customer fields or any other elements to PeopleSoft application without customizing the pages. The Drop Zones are controlled via Stub Sub-Pages delivered by PeopleSoft. One can effortlessly build the sub-pages with the wanted content, which can replace the PeopleSoft provided Stub sub-pages by diminishing the runtime and without the necessity of customizing the page.

How we can help you?

Well, PeopleSoft 8.57 is only available for customers with PeopleSoft deployment on Oracle cloud. Stay in touch with Sentinel Software as we bring you the latest and greatest of what’s happening in the PeopleSoft.