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Ten Tips To Avoid Failure In Security & Auditing Software

By Biv
June 15, 2019

Network and Security breaches are rapidly growing all around the world. According to a recent survey, Cyber Attacks caused the 2.1 billion data records leaked in March 2019. If your organization is worried about the Security of Data, don't be afraid of that. In this article, we will outline the ten tips to avoid failure in Security & Auditing Software.

1. Use sound authentication approaches

In a maximum of hacking cases, a hacker stole the information successfully because user credentials are not secure, and hackers can easily guess the credentials. To overcome this weakness, the user should implement the two-factor authentication to secure their account details.

2. Update the software with the latest security patches

Doesn’t matter how big or small, software security patches are a necessity. Your software is more vulnerable to hack if you never update it. Therefore, update your software with the latest security patches. Also, you can set automatic updates and educate your coworkers to accept the updates when prompted.

3. Physically secure the equipment and ports

Your computer may contain tons of information, such as confidential customer data, employee’s detail, and essential transactions. So, you must require securing your company equipment properly along with backups.

4. Create cybersecurity policies

Every company requires a cybersecurity policy, whether it’s small or big. Your employees must well aware of the security policy of the company. Your employees should be trained enough to set the BIOS password of the computer whenever required.

5. Implement the BIOS password

BIOS password can add extra layers of security whenever bootup. Moreover, if you will enable the BIOS password, then the hard drive will not be accessible for the intruder.

If a user laptop is stolen, the thief can access the hard drive by booting from another disk. By implementing a BIOS password, the hard drive is unavailable. For a maximum of the firms, the OS of choice is the enterprise edition of windows, which incorporates the BitLocker drive encryption system. When setting up, this service automatically encrypts any data saved to the hard drive or USB thumb drives.

6. Make a regular internal audit and plan for changes

As we all know, technology changes day by day that associated security policies must be reviewed much more frequently as compared to other business methods. The latest software vulnerabilities are discovered regularly, so it is to be proactive instead of reactive. Regular security audits assist you in measuring your organization's current security policy and operations against possible perils.

7. Make sure your software and operating system are updated

Malware continuously grows, and software merchants regularly update their programs to address new security vulnerabilities. Hence, it is necessary to install updates to security, web browser, operating system, and antivirus software ASAP when they are released.

8. Do Complete Risk Assessments

Because everything you do in security is based on risk, a full risk assessment is utmost important. But, now you think what a reasonable risk assessment is? Majority of the people confound a table of failure scenarios with a risk assessment. Declaring that a DDoS attack could hurt your firm is not a risk statement; it is a statement of impact.

However, in case, if there is a probability of a secure shell (SSH) attack working with an attacker gaining access to private data, that is actionable risk statement.

9. Pay for Human mistakes in Manual Processes

Wherever humans are involved, of course, blunders and errors occur. There are two most common methods to manage this, such as decrease scope and defense-in-depth. When something is not in range, the auditor will not be required to glance at it.

10. Building Security Program Documentation Is must

In an audit, you must provide proof that you've done the correct things. If you did not submit your documents, then an auditor will think you didn’t do it. Evidence shows what you’ve done it this way every time and what you’ve been performing it that way for years. Also, it builds a pathway for practice and automation as things are spelled out as exposed to being known only to one essential person.

Well, documentation is easy to do if you write it as you go along. Start with high-level policies explaining your plans, write rules to define how things should be made, and the methods to tell how they will be performed.

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