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Easy way to Set Up OCI Tenancy For PeopleSoft Cloud Manager (PCM)

By Biv
July 5, 2019

PeopleSoft cloud manager is the most advanced feature given by Oracle for PeopleSoft users. PCM is based on a related principle that was employed by PeopleSoft Cloud architecture (PCA).

It enables users to take complete advantage of cloud-like features, for example, dynamic scaling and quick Patching using deployment kits (DPK).

Cloud manager for OCI is intended to work efficiently. Let’s try to get those design aspects that must be analyzed for your planning.

Use all cases of PeopleSoft environment in a single OCI region

PCM can use PeopleSoft environment in only one region, the one in which it is running. When you log in into cloud manager in browser access the settings page, and you can see the region listed as deployment region. When you create or configure an environment template in Cloud Manager, you will see all listed areas, and you always need to specify the area chosen as deployment region on the cloud manager infrastructure setting page.

Utilize all instances of a PeopleSoft environment in a single Availability Domain (AD) in the preferred Deployment Region.

Under environment templates, set the AD in which you need to use an environment. All cases are used in the preferred AD. Cloud Manager doesn’t give the ability to take different ADs for every instance of the same situation. For illustration, you will be unable to deploy a Database instance in one AD and middle tier components or a PeopleSoft Client instance in another AD.

Employ the PCM instance, and all instances of a PeopleSoft environment, on a single VCN that is dedicated for PeopleSoft environments.

The Cloud Manager instance need to be deployed in the identical VCN as all instances of a PeopleSoft environment. In the dedicated VCN, you must build various subnets that can be utilized to isolate individual cases or production and non-production environments.

Now let's move through those conditions that meet the design ideas as mentioned above. To store PeopleSoft environments in OCI utilizing Cloud Manager, you must make your tenancy with some necessary configurations.

Create a compartment

Once you get access to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy, you must have administrator user only.

Let’s begin by building a section in which all PeopleSoft environment will be provisioned.

Do you want to use your development, test, or production environments on separate compartments? Then generate ample compartments for the different environments. Let’s suppose we have built a compartment and name it nkpsft.

Build a cloud user for PeopleSoft

Log in as the administrator user for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and found a user for Cloud Manager with adequate opportunities to organize and manage instances, the Virtual Cloud Network, and subnets.

First and foremost, build a Group for Cloud Manager users; for instance, CM-Admin.

After that, create a policy, for illustration CM-Admin-Policy, to allow to compartment nkpsft to Cloud Manager group.

Then create a user cloudmgr that will be utilized in Cloud Manager Settings.

At last, add a cloudmgr user to CM-Admin group. With this, we can set up a compartment and a user with admin privileges to build and manage instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.