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Easy way to Launch PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Using a Pre-built Image for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

By Biv
June 26, 2019

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager (PCM) is an orchestration framework to manage PeopleSoft environments on Oracle Cloud. Cloud Manager will allow you to concentrate more on business and less on infrastructure management by taking away all the complexities included in getting and managing the infrastructure to run PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud.

Features of PeopleSoft Cloud Infrastructure

With the newest update to Oracle, now you have a different way of launching instances. These unique specialties make it simpler than ever before to launch a PeopleSoft cloud Manager instance. So. let’s have a look:

  • Automated migration of on-premise environment to Oracle Cloud.
  • Create repeatable deployment templates.
  • Self-service provisioning of PeopleSoft environments.
  • Completely automated deployment, which is free to manual errors and process delays.
  • Manage more than environments from a single page.
  • Perform on-demand health checks on environments.
  • Permit application lifecycle management in Oracle Cloud.
  • Clone environments by building templates from running instances.

Guidelines to Launch PCM Using a Pre-built Image for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

1. First and foremost, you must set up your networking and configured all required security rules.

2. To launch a new Cloud Manager instance, navigate to your tenancy and move to the dashboard, as shown here, or the Instances page. Under the dashboard, click on the Create a VM instance.

3. Then you can see the new pages to create an instance. Enter the name and choose the availability domain (AD) in which you need to build your Cloud Manager instance.

4. After that, select the Cloud Manager image. By default, Oracle Linux 7.5 image is chosen. Tap Change Image Source to search for the Cloud Manager image.

5. On the Browse All Images page, choose the Oracle Images tab. Then you’ll get the most advanced Cloud Manager image for OCI. Pick the image and accept the terms and restrictions after reading them. Click Select Image to use the preferred image.

6. Pick the Virtual Machine instance type and choose a VM shape of your choice.

7. Next, choose a compartment in which the Cloud Manager instance will be built. Pick a VCN and a subnet for the Cloud Manager instance configuration. Tap on Create to deploy the instance.

Note: Keep in mind that you still require to download the Oracle Linux Image for Cloud Manager from My Oracle Support. Then upload it to object storage and import as a custom image. Once you were setting up Cloud Manager instance, continue from Downloading the Oracle Linux Image and Uploading to Object Storage.

When you have the Oracle Linux image, and the Cloud Manager instance is provisioned and running, SSH into the instance and follow the instructions in the install guide to run the Cloud Manager Instance Configuration Wizard.

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