Are Staffing Shortages Impacting Your Security?

Published by Macy Sears on October 28, 2021

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about staffing shortages and their impact on business.

As of August 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 10.4 million job openings with a job openings rate of 6.6%. The report also noted the number of people leaving their job (“quits”) rose to 4.3 million.

With the labor shortage affecting nearly every industry, what does that mean for security and compliance?

IT Staffing Shortages

Enterprises with understaffed IT security teams face a number of problems. The shortage of workers is requiring current employees to take on an increased workload. Since IT workers previously sustained heavy workloads, putting more on their plate isn’t easy, or in many cases, even feasible. 

Many IT jobs require a special skill set, experience level, and training. This can make hiring a challenge. Some organizations are bringing in junior-level employees to help fill the staffing shortages. While this isn’t a bad solution, it requires providing adequate training. If a business lacks the necessary resources for training, it can cause a snowball effect of severe security problems. 

Experiencing staffing shortages in IT departments can increase the chance of overlooked security measures. Gaps in security create a strong potential for a data breach or cyberattack; adding on a whole new set of problems to solve.

With no end in sight for the deficit of workers, organizations are forced to look into new methods for staying protected and compliant.

Making A Change

Just as the world pivoted to remote working, organizations are now exploring ways to innovate and maximize efficiency, all while cutting costs. What does that look like for IT security teams? One word: Automation. 

The power of automating processes is saving businesses time and money. It helps drive performance, which is key when facing staffing shortages. With automation, daily tasks become easier, faster, and even more accurate. Best of all? An organization can continuously benefit from automation tools, irrespective of lost resources or employees. 

Enterprises have relied on systems like PeopleSoft for decades. ERP systems are ingrained within a business, and moving from one system to another isn’t practical, attainable, or by any means cheap. The better alternative is making the current platform easier and faster to use. This can be done with the help of automation.

Sentinel is helping organizations combat labor shortages with automation tools for PeopleSoft security and auditing. If IT departments could save time with daily security tasks, administrators could absorb more responsibilities without feeling overloaded.  In the same sense, if auditors could easily analyze audit controls or automate reporting, they could save time and quickly identify compliance issues.

Sentinel Tools for PeopleSoft Security and Auditing that help with Staffing Shortages

The Road To Recovery

Organizations have felt the impact of labor shortages in many ways. Some businesses have reduced hours, while others have explored various incentive programs for new hires. However, addressing staffing shortages for an IT department requires more than a short-term fix.  

Implementing the right technology helps put companies and IT departments on the road to recovery. Those who remain reluctant to adopt new methods will ultimately find themselves falling behind. Effective security plans have a layered defense strategy, with many embracing stand-alone tools. 

Sentinel is used for managing PeopleSoft security and auditing. The application includes automation and reporting features that help save time and money. IT departments, managers, and stakeholders are empowered with resources to use in-house, providing a significant ROI.

Although future labor challenges remain unknown, security and compliance standards shouldn’t. Avoid the band-aid approach, and consider long-term solutions for replacing the resources you lose. 

Schedule a demo and see how you’ll benefit from the automation tools and features available with Sentinel.

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