Company Restructuring: A PeopleSoft Security Plan

Published by Macy Sears on December 11, 2020

2020; The Year Of Restructuring

And let’s face it, many other things. 

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic forced several companies to look inwards at the various ways to cut costs. For many, this meant re-evaluating employee positions. While individuals faced the challenge of job security, organizations were met with a different security challenge- identity and access management (IAM).

The importance of controlling internal security and unauthorized user access quickly became a leading topic and it’s now at an all-time high. With the rise of internal job changes, the pressure is on security administrators and managers to keep sensitive data secure, but do they have the proper systems in place?  

Oracle delivers high-quality security with its PeopleSoft application. The challenge security administrators face lies with being able to keep up with the number of security change requests, both quickly and accurately. Since the ability to view directly into user access is not always quick, it causes a number of security shortcuts to take place. This problem becomes predominately prevalent as companies undergo restructuring and internal organizational changes. 

Visibility Challenges

PeopleSoft security administrators and managers know there is not a fast way to view access for Users, Roles, and Permission Lists. You’re left to run extensive, manual queries. While these provide accurate information, they are not the most efficient when admins are faced with a laundry list of requests. As many can relate, this lack of quick visibility hinders the ability to assign the correct Roles because its contents are not readily visible. 

So, if we are unable to effectively view a user’s access and we can’t quickly see who has access to certain pages or sensitive data, how is it possible to accurately manage internal security?

Sentinel's Solution

Sentinel Software simplifies PeopleSoft security administration and provides the solution for an easy way to manage PeopleSoft user access. Like you, we were frustrated with the overall lack of visibility into PeopleSoft user access, so we fixed it. We’ve created a solution that allows you to see the underlying contents of Roles and Permission Lists, without queries. With Sentinel, you can view a user’s profile and see exactly what they can access, including all menus, pages, and any sensitive data. 

What does this mean for those undergoing organizational restructuring? Administrators and managers can now provision and deprovision the correct Roles and ensure accurate user access for all job changes. With Sentinel, you can even automate the provisioning/deprovisioning process of roles based on specified job criteria changes to further save time and labor.

Sentinel is simplifying PeopleSoft security and user access
Simplify PeopleSoft security administration with Drill down abilities on a user's menus to view underlying PeopleSoft Roles that provide access.

On-Demand Reports

Sentinel comes complete with ready-built and on-demand security and audit reports. These reports provide you with instant information on access relating to all Users, Roles, and Permission Lists. You can even filter down reports by access level, such as correction access. This is a game-changer for managing security and ensuring only designated employees have top-level access.  

Ready-made PeopleSoft Audit Reports helpful for reviewing employee access during company restructuring

Planning For Change

The repercussions of user’s with unauthorized access can be detrimental to an organization. Did you know that over 80% of security data breaches occur from within an organization’s internal users? 

Let us show you how simple managing PeopleSoft user access can be! Sentinel is currently being used to manage security for over 2 million users and we want to show you why. Schedule a demo and let us help you get started to accurately manage PeopleSoft user security.

Sentinel provides you with visibility into Users, Roles, and Permission Lists. View the menus and pages any user can access and bridge the gap of the uncertainty of granting access. Save time and automate the progress of updating security with indicated job changes. 

Gain control and insight into user access and internal security. If you are facing an organizational restructuring, ensure security administrators and managers are properly equipped to manage all job changes and security with the help of Sentinel Software. 

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